Over twenty years experience as an equine therapist dealing with elite performance horses. I also train horses which gives me a unique view point and understanding when assessing horses. 

Electrotherapies used to reduce pain, assist tissue healing and improve joint function:

  • TENS (Transcutaneous-electrical-neuro stimulation)

  • NMES (Neuro-muscular electrical stimulation)

  • LLLT (Low Level Laser Therapy)

  • Ultrasound - long and shortwave

  • H-Wave

  • Cryo and thermo therapy


Physiotherapy for performance horses

Cambridge Veterinary Physiotherapy

Physiotherapy and Osteopathy can help with many performance issues:

  • improving gait

  • improving transitions

  • improving stride length

  • increasing collection

  • improving performance in show jumping

Common conditions that physiotherapy can help with include:

  • Suspensory injury

  • Tendonopathy

  • Kissing spines

  • Curbs

  • Osteoarthritis

  • Muscle injury

  • Pain

  • Post surgery care

  • Musculoskeletal alignment

As well as behavioural problems such as:

  • difficulty to saddle, bridle or mount

  • napping

  • rearing

  • bucking

  • bolting

  • anxiety

  • loading

  • farrier issues

I use a variety of techniques which are tailored to each individual case. This enables me to be flexible in my approach to suit the needs of each horse - I will treat an elderly horse very differently to a youngster, so the aim may be to help with pain management rather than simply re-alignment.

My background as a horse trainer allows me, in many cases, to identify the source of the problem rather than just dealing with the symptoms. I can advise on many different areas of horse management that will help to resolve many physical issues. In the long run this should help to keep the horse sound and healthy and therefore improved performance for longer.

The most common problems are sacroiliac, neck & back dysfunction (usually they are related to one another). In many cases they are relatively easy to manipulate and restore healthy mobility and normal function.

My research for my dissertation (An Osteopathic analysis of the affect of head & neck position on the musculo-skeletal system in the training of Dressage horses) highlighted many physical issues related directly to training techniques.