Problems can occur in dogs for many reasons including the following: 

• Traumas and Accidents: falls, collisions, slipping, fighting

• Repetitive Activities: jumping on or off objects (car, sofa, agility)

• Sport: Racing, Agility dogs, Fly ball, etc

• Breed Related Issues: Some conditions may be genetic / breed related such as:

  • Dogs with long backs are prone to disc problems (e.g. Dachshunds);

  • hip dysplasia (e.g. German Shepherds);

  • cervical vertebral instability (e.g. Weimaraners);

  • osteochondritis dissecans which can affect the shoulders and elbows (e.g. Labrador Retrievers)

 Lameness: From arthritic pain, hip dysplasia can cause the dog to compensate  their gait, which can develop into secondary problems as they will try to compensate.

 Post surgery

Copyright © 2014 Pippa Winwkorth

Copyright © 2014 Pippa Winwkorth

Therapy can assist with many conditions and can help to improve your dogs quality of life. Picking up on early warning signs may prevent issues getting worse and developing into a more serious problem. 

What a few of my clients have been up to....

Copyright © 2014 Pippa Winwkorth. All rights reserved.

Copyright © 2014 Pippa Winwkorth. All rights reserved.

The aim of the therapy sessions is to maintain healthy biomechanics and wellbeing.